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Making a plan for growth and security

Do you desire Retirement Peace of Mind?  Developing a successful retirement plan involves carefully considering a wide range of issues and potential problems. The plan must protect against outliving assets, protect purchasing power against inflation, control market risk, and provide you with 

the retirement lifestyle you desire.  Whatever your expectations for retirement, it pays to have a plan to achieve them and to regularly measure your progress towards your goals.  Most people near or in retirement have found working with an established financial advisor to be of great value. 

Built on relationship

A client-financial planner relationship is founded largely on trust.  The client is trusting the planner to provide advice solely on the client’s best interest. The planner is trusting the client to provide accurate information to essential fact finding questions.  Years of working together on that foundation secures a successful and satisfying relationship.


Life & Annuities

Imagine trying to cut lumber with a hammer instead of a saw. The results would be terrible. It also takes the correct life insurance or annuity tool to provide your intended results and benefits.


Whatever your investment goal, you should clearly understand both the role and the potential risks and rewards of each type of investment. Reviews are vital to ongoing appropriateness.

Estate Planning

Estate planning covers many complex areas. It is best that we work as a team with your CPA and attorney to create the right estate plan for you and your family's present and future well-being.


A referral, with concerns regarding their 401(k), needed advice understanding her options. By listening to and understanding her concerns and goals, Allen was able to find the best course of action for her situation. This resulted in this client being comfortable and well positioned in their retirement planning.
A farmer came to Allen with questions surrounding his life insurance and estate planning needs. By way of diligent planning involving a CPA and estate planning attorney and sourcing through multiple strong life insurance companies, Allen was able to provide this client with properly designed life insurance very competitively priced.
Owners of a family run business were looking to establish a foothold for their financial future. Allen spent time getting to know their needs and goals. Regular reviews take place to assure their plan continues to stay on target.
A business owner expanded their operation and their loan officer requested life insurance be purchased. They were referred by their CPA to Allen. A wonderful working relationship based on knowledge, trust, sincere concern, and friendship has existed now for several decades.
A married couple, both retired school teachers, desired a review of their Tax Sheltered Annuities. With Allen’s low pressure approach, decades of experience, knowledge, and diverse product line, they are confident in him being dependable and beneficial to work with. The result is that this couple is better positioned financially.